JMH are innovative home & Building designers based in Brisbane Qld.

We can help you with new home designs, raise and build unders or renovations and extension designs.

All plan designs that we provide you are ‘build-ready’.

JMH Design was founded in 2012 and since that time we’ve grown into a multi-disciplinary team and established a reputation for design excellence in the Brisbane area.


JMH Design are leaders when it comes to innovative and quality custom home designs in the Brisbane and Sunshine coast areas. We listen to your needs and use our expertise to design a custom plan that will help bring the vision of your home to life. At JMH Design we create house plans that will meet the needs of your growing family.


We can help bring your plans to life through innovative technologies such as realistic renders and fly-throughs that will allow you to visualise what your home could look like prior to building.


JMH Design collaborates with builders, town planners, private certifiers and structural engineers to ensure your design needs are met at every stage of your home design journey.
Whether you’re a homeowner looking to renovate your existing home or if you’re looking to embark on a new build, JMH Design can create a custom design solution that serves the needs of your family.



Jacob Hipwood

Director and Designer

Jacob’s professional journey is characterized by his exceptional qualities and achievements. He is highly regarded for being reliable, and a natural leader.

Jacob values his family and is a loving father of two kids. He prioritizes spending time with his family and friends when he is not working, embodying the principle of “family first.” Jacob’s drive to give back to his community further showcases his compassionate nature.

Driven by his passion for innovation and leadership, Jacob founded JMH Design in 2013. Over the years, he has nurtured the growth of his design business, assembling a team of skilled designers experienced in residential architecture.

As a dedicated individual, Jacob approaches his work with a positive mindset and relatability. He values teamwork and has a strong affinity for the JMH Design brand and core values: Collaboration, Innovation & Leadership.

Approachability is one of Jacob’s strengths, making him a reliable and trustworthy professional. His expertise has been recognized through numerous awards, reflecting the quality and innovation he brings to his designs. Jacob’s family background in construction and small business ownership fills him with pride and a strong work ethic.

Moreover, Jacob’s unique perspective sets him apart as a building designer. With more than a decade of experience in both building and design, he possesses a valuable combination of qualifications. Having worked as a qualified builder, and growing up with a dad as a qualified builder, Jacob understands the practical aspects of construction, ensuring his designs are feasible and can be implemented using modern techniques.

Jacob understands the importance of balancing design with practicality, and his approach ensures that every house design he creates is both beautiful and achievable with modern construction techniques. His consistency and dedication to his craft have earned him a reputation as a leader in his field, and he is passionate about the JMH brand and its mission.

In summary, Jacob is a humble, hard-working, and passionate building designer with a natural talent for innovation and collaboration. He is a clear communicator, a problem solver, and a fantastic leader who consistently executes outstanding results for his clients.


Shane Rogerson

Senior Designer

Shane’s passion for building design started at a young age. Some of his earliest memories are of going to work with his dad, a builder and drafter, and being fascinated by the design and building process.

Shane started a Bachelor of Design (Landscape Architecture) at Queensland University of Technology and not long after built his own home. It was the building of this home that led to his undertaking a Diploma in Building Design and took him back to the construction industry that he loves. Shane has also had extensive experience using computer based home design programs meaning he can create realistic renders to help customers visualise their new home.

Shane loves building homes that are perfectly suited to the Queensland climate. His background in Landscape Architecture means he has a strong understanding of site considerations and this allows him to build homes that are comfortable year round in the warm Queensland environment.

His favourite types of projects to work on are family homes. He loves listening to the needs of families and designing a house that works for them. Shane feels that his greatest reward is seeing growing families enjoy their Queensland lifestyle to the fullest in a custom home that’s been designed just for them.


Ashlea Carvel

Senior Designer

Ashlea Carvel is our most experienced Senior building Designer with over 16 years working in the industry and is certified in Building Design and Technology.
Through working with custom and project builders, directly with clients, certifiers, town planners and other professionals, there is no design challenge that Ashlea has not faced and solved in collaboration with her clients.
Ashlea has been recognised in the industry for her modern, innovative, and creative designs for new builds and renovations and enjoys workings with clients to help create their dream homes in a flawlessly functional capacity.
Ashlea can be engaged from concept to working drawings and liaise with certifiers and trades when required.
In her personal time, Ashlea likes to draft her own dream home in cities around the world, fit for her personal library, her plants and her spoilt king kitten – Foxy.


Ben Bailey

Building Design Consultant

Starting from an early age, I always took a liking towards construction and design. Playing games and building lego as a kid sparked a passion that I would pursue in my later education. Following in the footsteps of my older brother, I chose subjects in High School such as Graphic Design, Woodwork and Metalwork that would be the foundation of my future learning and career. As my brother moved towards carpentry, I decided to focus my attention onto architectural software, building design and 3D Modelling.

After finding my passion in design, I decided to continue this path after High School and studied a dual diploma of Building Design and Interior Design. I found it very interesting and exciting to see what could be achieved in the design world and 3D modelling. After completing my diplomas, I soon found myself a part of the JMH Design team.

As a Building Design Consultant at JMH Design, I look forward to meeting new clients and working with them to deliver a functional design that meets their needs to the best possible quality.



Junior Architect

Design has always been a passion of mine, from playing with Lego and Meccano as a little kid through to art in high school. The ability to create something meaningful really appeals to me and has long been a major criterion for the career I chose.
A future in architecture and building design first occured to me while studying Graphics in high school. The sketching and the programs were new and exciting and I felt that a job in this field could definitely be for me (and with the last name Window, it seemed fitting).
Four years and one degree later I was welcomed onto the team at JMH. I’ve learned a lot in my short time here and am excited for what the future holds.



Admin Support

Hazel is our super Admin Support, she has been with JMH Design for over 3 years and counting.
Hazel is the behind-the-scenes office ninja. Although you do not hear from Hazel too often on the phone, you will find yourself receiving friendly emails or an automated checklists from her on a daily basis.

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